Use common sense, then you don't have to worry about these rules.

  1. Respect everyone.

  2. Think before you act! Hurtful, rascist or otherwise demeaning comments anywhere in our community will be taken very seriously. No exceptions.

  3. All though the occasional swear is fine, excessive rude language is to be kept to a minimum. We are all adults, so act like one. 

  4. 100% representation in PvE Guild Wars 2.

  5. No spoilers about games, story, movies or TV shows anywhere.

  6. No Drama. Ever.


Other important info:

  • Offline for 2 weeks results in a kick. (Everyone kicked for this reason will recieve a mail to rejoin, if wanted. This is to keep the roster tidy, and to prevent having a lot of people that are never online.)
  • We understand some people might be shy and don't want to speak that much. But if you don't interact with us in in some way, either through Guild Chat, Teamspeak, by joining events  or otherwise over a long period it will result in a kick. Members we don't know who are, and never see, hurt the guild in the end.
  • We have no age requirement to join, but if you act like a child you will get kicked.


If you ever see something in the Guild Chat, Teamspeak, Party or otherwise you aren't comfortable with please send Sleazy Gizey a message and it will be sorted out. The reporters name will not be mentioned in the continuation of the case. (You can also send an anonymous mail to



Last Updated 14.02.2017