The Avalanche has a rank system. Which means, the longer you stay in the guild and keep being active the more privileges you get. These ranks give cool stuff in-game, on our forums and on Teamspeak. Do note, that if you stand out, join our events, talk to us on Teamspeak these ranks can be earned much faster. This page is just a guideline to give people an idea on what it takes to rank up.


Requirements for each rank

Guild Leader

Fundamental people to The Avalanche. People will be given this rank if it is appropiate. 


Guild Officer

People who help our community improve and maintains quality in any game, any platform, any situation.
Members will be asked before given this rank.



Donates to the Community through our Patreon.



Been in the community for a very very long time, uses Teamspeak on a regular basis.
Helps The Avalanche in some way. (Hosting events, organized play etc.)



Been in the community for a very long time. Uses Teamspeak on a regular basis and helps other members.
Never broken a rule and generally front The Avalanche values.



6 weeks active, joins our events, joins Teamspeak now and then, talks in Guild Chat.



Registered on the forums. 4 weeks active. Talks in Guild Chat regularly.



2 weeks active. Participates events.



Standard rank.



Given to people that have informed a leader or officer that they will be going away for more than 2 weeks.



Offline 2 weeks. (Mail will be sent out to come back in. This is only to keep the roster tidy and up to date.)