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 Guild Wars 2 In-game Guild


How do i join the The Avalanche?
There are several ways to join!

  • Register on the forums and write an introduction. (Recommended!)
  • Message one of the leaders in GW2.

Leaders Guild Wars 2:

How do i rank up in the guild?
Please see this page: Guild Ranks

Can i host my own events in the guild?
Of course you can! Feel free to contact us so we can help you set it up!

"I think I deserve a rank up in-game"
If you think you deserve a rank up feel free to contact any of the leaders and we will look into ranking you up.
A lot of members and no real statistics in-game makes it hard to keep track, so sometimes we simply forget.
We must mention, by joining our events, Teamspeak and speaking frequently in Guild chat makes you rank up way faster than normal.

Forums and Teamspeak

How do i sign up to the forums?
Go to the forums:
Click register on the upper right corner

"I signed up to the Forums, but only see "Introduction"?
In order for us to see who is on the forums and remove those who have other intentions than to be a part of our community we need to have an approval system.
In this case it's as simple as writing a short introduction about yourself. It will also let us get to know you a little bit better!

Is signing up to the forums mandatory?
We would like for everyone to sign up, it makes it easier to get messages out and manage guild events and such.
But at this point we do not force you to join.

What can i talk about in the forums?
Everything! That's the beauty of forums! Use common sense when writing though!

What is the Teamspeak IP?
Teamspeak address:
No password. But you need to be approved in order to use other channels. (Read section above)