Guild Wars 2

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This page is a hub for all our in-game Guild Wars 2 members.
Information, Rules, Images and more!

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General Information:

Our in-game Guild Wars 2 guild and the rest of the community function as 2 separate groups. For example, you can be an Officer in-game, but not be one anywhere else.
They are 2 separate groups however, some requirements still apply to Community Members.

To join our Guild Wars 2 guild you do not need to be verified on our Forums. You can simply send a message to one of the contacts on the right and get an invite after agreeing to the rules below.


Why you want to be verified on our Forums:

By registering and being verified on our Forums you get several perks that are too good to miss if you plan on sticking around for a while.

Some of them are:

  • Discord Access.
  • Safe from being kicked in-game.
  • Get invites to our Steam and groups.
  • Easily organize and play other games with TA.


Rules in-game:

  • All our Global Rules.
  • No Rep requirement.
    However, you won't be able to rank up if you don't.
  • When playing with us (Guild Missions, Fractals, WvW etc.), we require you to represent us.

2 Weeks offline results in a kick.
Snowball rank and above will get a mail to easily get invited back if this happens.
Verified Forum Users bypass rank requirement.


Contacts in-game


Sleazy Gizey