Revolutionizing Social Gaming!

The Avalanche Gaming Community

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Endless possibilities, room to grow, any game, dedicated leaders and a community that cares about you.


The Avalanche has a unique, friendly, social and talented community with people from all over the world that loves playing games, watching big events together or sharing things from everyday life.


Tired of playing alone? Tired of not having anyone to share the moment with? Join us, and change that.


A Community That Matters.

We believe that the best way to find joy in gaming is making it social. We have therefore made it our task to gather like-minded people for hours upon hours of fun every week.

Not your ordinary
Gaming Community.

The Avalanche is not like other gaming communties. We don’t care about numbers, being the best, world first or getting recognized.

We’re here to offer you an awesome place to hang out and escape everyday life.

Give us a chance, won’t you?


What do we expect from you?

We have a lot to offer but, we also expect something in return. We spend a lot of hours running TA and we’re looking for people that appreciate us.
If you’re not commited to us, we’re not commited to you.


We expect you to play and interact with us. Not every day, but a few times every month is to be expected. Exceptions can be made.


All members are expected to talk with us from time to time. We are a social group and if you aren’t then this might not be the best place for  you.


The Avalanche should be prioritized at all times. If you’re part of more than one community, we are your main one.


We demand that you take some initiative to fit into our community and find your place. Play with us, register on our forums, join Discord etc.


What do we offer?

To not seem overly rough, here is a few things we offer those who decide to join us.


Not your ordinary blog about everyday life and what clothes we just bought.
Member interviews, written stories, recommendations and a whole lot more!
All written by Avalanche members.


Properly set up and hosted Discord where you can laugh, share, party up, get hyped over a game or enjoy a quiet evening of music and talk.


Forums are outdated some say. In an age where things disappear in a blink of an eye, a safe static place for deeper conversations and information is more needed than ever.


We produce fun and interesting content on our Youtube, Twitch and Blog for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you want to help us and get your name on something?

Some numbers.

Community Members

Forum Threads


Not convinced yet?


Play the game you love with a great community! Doesn’t matter if you love MMO’s, FPS’ or MOBA’s, we are a community for everyone!


Much like the universe we are ever expanding. We always look for new exciting games we can establish a foothold and have fun in.


We believe that gaming is a social hobby and that is why we try to encourage our member to speak up and interact with each other. Everything is built from people talking together, so why should Gaming Communities be any different?


We are always looking for dedicated individuals that want to join our team and develop The Avalanche in the right direction. If you stand out, you will get a chance to prove your worth.


We’re dedicated to making The Avalanche an awesome place to be for many years to come. You will never have to worry that we might be gone tomorrow, after christmas or when you come home from vacation.


We offer the opportunity to show your creative side and to get your name out there by hosting your livestreams, promoting videos you created, posting your article or stories. Simply giving you the space to create something completely new.


So Have You Decided To
Join Us Yet?
Here is how:

Sign up to our forums.
After signing up, there will be one category available.
Write an introduction post in said category.
Please refer to the guidelines in “Introduction” for more info.
Note: You will only see your own posts, so it will look empty.

You will be approved by a Leader within 6 hours, most times it’s max. 20 minutes.
You will get a invite in the games you play, and an invite to our Discord once you’ve been approved.
You will also get some handy information nice to know as a new member of our community.

Any questions?
Post them in your Introduction post.

We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


When registering, please add this to
“Read Frontpage” field: “BFBC2”