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We use Teamspeak as one of our primary way of communication. It allows us to manage something like an event more effectively and it allows us to get to know other members on a whole different level.

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With Active and Devoted Leaders you can be sure that The Avalanche keeps moving in the right direction. Forward.

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The Avalanche has a friendly, social and talented community with people from all over the world. The community is the most important thing, and we always strive to improve the experience of being part of it.


Host an event or create a community in a game you love or perhaps create a pro team to compete with? The Avalanche gives you the tools and resources to accomplish your goals. Simple and easy.

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Back in 2009 The Avalanche started out as a small Battlefield Clan. We were a combo of Norwegian and Swedish gamers which made us special in the jungle of communities. We played Bad Company 2 until the end of it’s cycle and quickly moved over to Battlefield 3. Here we quickly grew into one of the biggest Battlefield communities in Scandinavia. BF3 lived on for a long time, sadly the interest among our members did not. We could just have flipped the switch and shut it down right there and then, but that did not happen.

After half a year we discovered a game which seemed incredibly interesting. This game was Guild Wars 2. Coming from a FPS environment this was new and exciting to us, a limited amount of us had played an MMO in the past so this was a whole different project. We were not many left after people lost interest in BF3, but most of us who stayed was getting ready for Guild Wars with launch in August.

We started looking for people, still keeping our niche with a Norwegian/Swedish combo. Even before the game had launched we grew into one of the biggest guilds in Scandinavia outside of the national ones. We had 100 members before launch, registrered on the forums, on Mumble, getting hyped with us. It sure was a exciting time.

To be continued…

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The TA Team

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Guild Recruiter, Blog Manager & Co-Leader
I like coffee, my cat and games. In-game name: Neesce.7862
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Sleazy Gizey

Guild Leader
Educated to do cool stuff with computers. Many years of community managment experience. Over 13 years of FPS experience. 6000h and counting in GW2, Thief as main. In-game name: Giseth.9708


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